3 Questions With Dr. Rudy Schild

Prestigious astrophysicist talks openly about UFOs



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MYSTERY WIRE — Scientists are not quite sure what human consciousness is or how it is generated, but a few bold thinkers speculate that it is a physics question and is directly related to the UFO question.

What is consciousness? Where does it originate? Does it permeate and connect the entire universe?

Mystery Wire sat down with Dr. Rudy Schild, a Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist. He is one of the few academic giants willing to go out on a limb in even discussing consciousness, especially as it relates to fringe subjects such as UFOs and alleged alien abductions.Dr. Schild says he favors government disclosure but is worried by recent limited revelations about secret pentagon UFO studies. “I’m afraid that this managed intelligence might turn out to be a prelude to a budget submission for a $100 billion program to weaponize space with it, by the way $10 billion further maintenance fee. And I would like to see there be a real full government disclosure, including the opening of the files.”

What does he think about UFO reports, alien abductions, even Bob Lazar’s claims about secret technology at Area 51? Watch George Knapp’s interviews below to find out. There are three parts to this interview.